What is Amma Therapy?


Amma is a classic style of Asian bodywork that predates acupuncture. Literally meaning “push-pull” Amma is the oldest Chinese word for massage. Brought to the US in the 1970’s, Amma is a Korean based linage healing art, meaning that is has been physically taught and passed down from teacher to student over generations. 

Amma Therapy is based in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Understanding that a disharmony or imbalance of our energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”), can lead to a state of dis-ease within the body, Amma focuses on the movement and balance of that energy to both treat and prevent disease. 

By using rhythmic therapeutic pressure and point stimulation, an Amma practitioner relies on the strength and sensitivity of their hands to manipulate and invigorate the body’s Qi toward balance and harmony. In addition to bodywork, an Amma therapist may also use their knowledge of nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle practices to guide clients through health challenges and lifestyle changes. 

Samantha Romanowski, LMT #24708, Certified Wholistic Nutritionist


As a lifelong student, I have studied a variety of subjects, from sociology to urban and community planning. The common theme throughout my education (both formal and informal) has been a drive to study people in an effort to help them understand themselves better. Knowing that understanding oneself is the key to making lasting life change, I searched for a program that would teach me how I might best help guide people through challenging life circumstances. When I found the Amma Therapy program at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts, I knew my search was over. And now, using a holistic approach and the framework of Chinese Medicine, I share my practice of Amma Therapy and wholistic nutritional consulting to those seeking alternative and complementary healthcare.

My Philosophy

Individualized care is paramount to overcoming health obstacles, so I work as a partner with those seeking a more holistic approach to healthcare. I provide personalized support and guidance through Amma Therapy, nutrition counseling and wellness advice. Helping clients navigate the complexities of their health to find balance is my ultimate goal.